Our Company

Qrex Flex is an emerging leading global player as Flex banner manufacturer company in the format like Frontlit Flex Banner, Backlit Flex Banner, Black/Grey Flex BannerCoated Flex BannerBlockout Flex Banner, and Industrial Coated Tarpaulin

We are the first one to introduce 5.1 meters calendar in India, Qrex Flex having largest automatic calendaring Flex banner manufacturing plant and increasing business worldwide. Using German and Taiwan technology to create the most durable, irresistible banner with finest looks.

Since our inception from 2012, we have earned an irreproachable reputation-defining the contours of the Signage Industry in Global Market. We have turned into a most successful company focusing on trust, value creation for customers, quality innovation and customer satisfaction.

Qrex Flex are using an effective method for humanity with the splendid working environment, which reflects the excellent stable quality of products.

We have an in-house production team of experts who work with latest technology machinery. Our specialization in manufacturing Frontlit Flex Banner, Backlit Flex Banner, Black/Grey Flex BannerCoated Flex BannerBlockout Flex Banner, and Industrial Coated Tarpaulin separates us from others.

Qrex Flex produce flex banner products from the shortest width of 3.2 Metres to the widest seamless width of 5.1 Metres with the attributes like waterproof, fireproof and anti-static.

We, Qrex Flex uses self-developed advanced equipment and have a set of Calendering and Coating/ Laminated lines.

We have a highly automated production system, targeted R&D concern for quality and a strong spirit of innovation helps us to distribute products widely in Global Market.

We strategically establish as a brand in Tarpaulin depends on the client requirement we have a huge variety of Tarpaulin coated fabrics in different weights and width per square meter. We deliver tarpaulin in the entire country for various purpose like protection awnings, tent, protection from sun are available in varied of color, width, and flame-retardant finishing to reduce the adverse effects of fire.

Qrex Flex covers the whole country in terms of delivering and services of Flex banner which we satisfy a huge demand of customer with our flexibility and capacity.


We Qrex Flex have an in-house team of highly skilled professional who has great experience in working with flex banner. Our manufacturing plant is at Pipodara, Surat district. Pipodara is a small and beautiful town with all basic modern facilities with a fast-growing population.

Calendar Machines

Qrex Flex has fully automated 4 Metres and 5.1 Metre wide PVC calendar machines to produce best in class PVC film for Flex banner. All Calendars are equipped with German and Taiwan technical collaboration that is first of its kind in India.

4 Metres Calendar Machines

5.1 Metres Calendar Machines


We have a laboratory to test out the toughness for various flex banner quality.  Our labs are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment.

Testing on flex banner for tear and breaking strength, all raw material test, colorfastness, strength, peeling resistance, all performed in-house by our experts’ team.

Our helpline is always open to receive any inquiry or feedback.