Frontlit Flex Banner

We Qrex Flex is a leading manufacturer of Frontlit Flex Banner in Indian and rapidly increasing around the world. We offer a huge variety of Frontlit Flex Banner with a valuable customer satisfaction by considering the reasonable cost.

Qrex Flex, are an entity acknowledged for the superior products and matchless services.

Frontlit Flex Banner has a soft and delicate surface. It available in both gloss and matt finish. Primarily used for outdoor and indoor with ease as they are weather resistant.

Product Features :

  • White opaque substrate for front lit display.
  • UV , FR
  • Soft and Delicate Surface.
  • Quick to absorb ink and be dry, excellent color expression.
  • High physical performance in tear strength and tensile strength, weather resistant.
  • Widely used for large format digit
  • All printings, such as billboard printing, over -sized indoor / outdoor hanging.
  • Excellent surface smoothness.
  • Weather resist.
  • Excellent capability for all kind of digital printing machine.

Product Applications :

  • For indoor and outdoor signage.
  • Building signs and in store displays.
  • Trade show displays.
  • Outdoor displays.
  • Screen printing and billboard.